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We propose a real-time gaze estimation method based on facial-feature tracking using a single video camera that does not require any special user action for calibration. Many gaze estimation methods have been already proposed; however, most conventional gaze tracking algorithms can only be applied to experimental environments due to their complex(More)
Bone marrow (stem/progenitor) cells have been shown to "differentiate" into cells in multiple tissues, including lung. A low number of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells also circulate in peripheral blood. The physiologic roles of these cells are still uncertain. This study was designed to test, using parabiotic mice that were joined surgically, whether(More)
Reminiscence therapy, which is effective for increasing the selfesteem of and for reducing behavioral disturbances in individuals with dementia, is usually conducted in a group led by experienced staff. However, due to the shortage of care attendants, only a limited number of patients at home can receive the benefits of this therapy. To provide this therapy(More)
In this paper, we present preliminary work we have done o n designing the TactaPack, a wearable sensor/actuator device that uses a Bluetooth wireless connection to return sensor data to a host, and to receive commands to initiate expressive vibrotactile stimuli. We present our work in the context of a physical therapy application designed to provide more(More)
This paper proposes a gaze-communicative stuffed-toy robot system with joint attention and eye-contact reactions based on ambient gaze-tracking. For free and natural interaction, we adopted our remote gaze-tracking method. Corresponding to the user's gaze, the gaze-reactive stuffed-toy robot is designed to gradually establish 1) joint attention using the(More)
Since their advent, interaction with computers has been a very fascinating field of research. Though, we have come a long way from turning knobs and punching cards to using keyboards and pointing devices, natural language interaction has not seen widespread use as a general means of interaction. The thesis of this paper is that some application fields,(More)
This paper describes the system packaging of the processor cage for the IBM eServer z900. This server contains the world's most complex multichip module (MCM), with a wiring length of 1 km and a maximum power of 1300 W on a glass-ceramic substrate. The z900 MCM contains 35 chips comprising the heart of the central electronic complex (CEC) of this server.(More)
Fine particles derived from diesel engines, diesel exhaust particles (DEP), have been shown to augment gene expression of several inflammatory cytokines in human airway epithelial cells in vitro. However, it remains unclear whether or not DEP have any effect on the expression and production of eotaxin, an important chemokine involved in eosinophil(More)
Apoptosis of lung structural cells is crucial in the process of normal tissue repair. Insufficient apoptosis of lung fibroblasts may contribute to the development of fibrosis. Since the CC chemokine ligand 2 (CCL2) is associated with fibrotic disease and the cytokine IL-6 blocks apoptosis in many cell types, we hypothesized that CCL2 may contribute to the(More)