Shinichiro Yasuda

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A case of desmoplastic melanoma in a 58-year-old man is reported. This rare malignancy occurred in the maxillary alveolus, appearing as an epulis. Histologically, the tumor was flanked by melanocytic proliferation in the adjacent mucosae. At the time of local recurrence after partial maxillectomy, the tumor showed a polypoid growth, with an increase in(More)
We report a 41-year-old woman who had fundic gland polyposis without a colorectal polyp. Because her father had colon cancer, multiple colorectal polyps and the gastric polyposis, we suspected AFAP and researched the APC gene. There was 1 base pair deletion of guanine at codon 99-100 in exon 3 of the APC gene, and its frame shift mutation made stop codon at(More)
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