Shinichiro Kume

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BACKGROUND Influenza virus attaches to sialic acid residues on the surface of host cells via the hemagglutinin (HA), a glycoprotein expressed on the viral envelope, and enters into the cytoplasm by receptor-mediated endocytosis. The viral genome is released and transported in to the nucleus, where transcription and replication take place. However, cellular(More)
Sensing mechanical stresses, including touch, stretch, compression, and gravity, is crucial for growth and development in plants. A good mechanosensor candidate is the Ca(2+)-permeable mechanosensitive (MS) channel, the pore of which opens to permeate Ca(2+) in response to mechanical stresses. However, the structure-function relationships of plant MS(More)
The yeast Cch1/Mid1 Ca2+ channel is equivalent to animal voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and activated in cells incubated in low Ca2+ medium. We herein investigated the third subunit, Ecm7, under the same cell culture conditions. The deletion of ECM7 slightly lowered Ca2+ influx activity in the CNB1+ background, in which calcineurin potentially dephosphorylates(More)
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