Shinichiro Hashimoto

Koji Tokumasu1
Makito Okamoto1
Hideaki Naganuma1
Shohei Yamashina1
1Koji Tokumasu
1Makito Okamoto
1Hideaki Naganuma
1Shohei Yamashina
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The 3-dimensional shape of the human utricular macula and its orientation in the skull are quantitated in this report, which is one of a series. The semicircular canals and utricular macula were reconstructed in 3 dimensions on a computer from 3 human temporal bones. The 238 to 279 triangles in the entire area of the utricular macula were made by drawing(More)
The planar relationship of the human semicircular canals was determined by Blanks et al. at a series of points measured from the dissected bony labyrinth of the human skull. The relationship of membranous canal planes have not, however, been measured from the human temporal bone. We reconstructed 3 semicircular canals by computer-aided 3-dimensional(More)
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