Shinichi Yokota

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An electro-conjugate fluid (ECF) is a kind of functional fluid, which produces a flow (ECF flow) when subjected to a high DC voltage. This study develops a novel inchworm robot having flexible body and using two suckers both of which are driven by the ECF flow. The robot imitates the movement pattern of inchworm and is introduced the ECF to realize the(More)
As a soft handling microdevice, we propose and develop a novel ER microgripper using flexible ER valves (FERVs). An FERV controls electro-rheological fluid (ERF) flow by the apparent viscosity increase due to the applied electric field. Each of the plural arms in the gripper consists of an FERV, a movable chamber and a displacement constraint element and(More)
AIMS To assess the tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a novel nonsteroidal and noncompetitive inhibitor of type I and type II 5alpha-reductases, (-)-(S)-4-[1-[4-[1-(4-isobutylphenyl) butoxy]benzoyl]indolizin-3-yl]butyric acid (TF-505), after single and multiple oral doses in healthy volunteers. METHODS In the single-dose study, six(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the changes in the localization of heat shock proteins (Hsps) and acquisition of thermotolerance. MATERIALS AND METHODS A human esophageal cancer cell line was used. Fractionated heat treatment with different recovery times was performed to develop thermotolerance. Changes in the(More)
There has been some amount of confusion over the origin of electrohydrodynamic phenomena responsible for the actuation of dielectric fluids in the presence of an electric field. Previous studies have accounted for the possibility of conduction pumping, ion drag pumping and induction pumping as driving mechanisms but have ignored the possibility of Maxwell(More)
Soft robots inspired from natural systems are one of the main research topics in the robotic field since the last decade. Accordingly, artificial muscles were widely investigated due to their potentials in soft machines or soft robots. Many types of artificial muscles have been developed, including pneumatic actuators, ion-exchange polymer composite(More)
An electro-conjugate fluid (ECF) is a kind of functional fluid, which produces a jet flow (ECF jet) when subjected to high DC voltage. It is known that a strong ECF jet is generated under nonuniform electric field, for example, the field with a pair of needle and ring electrodes. This study introduces the ECF jet to develop a novel flexible robot hand.(More)