Shinichi Yamane

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We examined the relationships between home blood pressure (BP) and atmospheric temperature in 20 treated-hypertensive patients. A significant correlation between morning and evening BP and atmospheric temperature was found. For morning systolic blood pressure (SBP), the maximal seasonal difference was 13.2 mmHg with 25.5 degrees C temperature difference.(More)
Heart rate variability (HRV) has recently been used to detect autonomic nerve tone, which is affected by various stresses. To test out hypothesis that HRV can determine surgical stress, we examined perioperative HRV in 30 patients with surgical treatment. Relations between HRV and factors of surgical stresses, such as duration of the operation, amount of(More)
Hypervalent N-triflylimino-λ(3)-bromane undergoes direct and regioselective α-C-H amination of ethers at room temperature under transition metal-free conditions. Kinetic results, substituent and deuterium isotope effects suggest an asynchronous concerted organonitrenoid transition state with some hydride transfer character, analogous to that for alkane C-H(More)
BACKGROUND Heart-rate (HR) variability is an important predictor of mortality in patients with heart disease. We examined the effects of cilostazol, a quinolinone derivative, on HR and HR variability in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation associated with bradycardia episodes. PATIENTS AND METHODS Thirteen patients with chronic atrial fibrillation(More)
  • S J Yamane
  • 1980
A patient under the primary care of a physician was referred to a military O.D. who subsequently referred the patient to the author as a consulting contact lens specialist. The patient exhibited the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and was unable to blink or close her right eye. Patching had been attempted but was discontinued due to the neuralgia of the epidermal(More)
By focusing on 4,5-epoxymorphinan, a traditional opioid skeleton but a new structure in the opioid kappa-agonist research field, and by rationally applying the 'message-address concept' and 'accessory site hypothesis,' we discovered a new chemical class opioid kappa-agonist, TRK-820 (1). Its development as an antipruritus is now in the final stage. Here,(More)
Heart rate (HR) variability is important with respect to disease prognosis and the effects of drugs. Lorenz scatterplots provide a simple way to evaluate HR variability visually. The relation of Lorenz scatterplots to frequency-domain HR variability was examined in 75 Holter recordings and in simulated HR trends. The length of Lorenz scatterplots was(More)
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