Shinichi Kumakura

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To realize a reversible solid-state Mn(III/IV) redox couple in layered oxides, co-operative Jahn-Teller distortion (CJTD) of six-coordinate Mn(III) (t2g (3) -eg (1) ) is a key factor in terms of structural and physical properties. We develop a single-phase synthesis route for two polymorphs, namely distorted and undistorted P2-type Na2/3 MnO2 having(More)
Layered Li2MoO3 is a potential candidate for a high-capacity positive electrode material for Li-ion batteries because of its excess lithium composition. However, the difficulty of single-phase preparation and its insulating nature are drawbacks for its application in lithium-ion batteries. A small quantity of acetylene black added in the starting material(More)
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