Shinichi Ichitsubo

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This paper proposes a multipath propagation model for line-of-sight (LOS) street microcells with building roof base sites (BS’s) in urban areas. Multipath propagation characteristics are of great importance in evaluating the performance of digital systems and designing wireless links. Typical delay profiles are measured to clarify their statistical(More)
It is important to clearly understand multipath propagation to develop high speed digital mobile communication system(l-$) . The r.m.s. delay spread can be directly obtained by measuring the delay profile. The problem has been that delay profi Ie measurements that are accurate must be taken for a wide frequency band. For example, with wideband measurement(More)
This paper proposes a scale model approach to clarify radio wave propagation for wireless link design of mobile radio communication systems. The objective of this study is channel impulse response for micro cells in urban areas. To verify reproducibility using the scale model, a one-hundredth scale model of an urban area using concrete blocks is constructed(More)
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