Shinichi Fukushige

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Visibility determination is one of the oldest problems in computer graphics. The visibility, in terms of back-to-front polygon visibility ordering, can be determined by updating a priority list as the viewpoint moves. A new list-priority algorithm, utilizing a property of Voronoi diagrams, is proposed in this paper. In the preprocessing phase, the 3D space(More)
Life cycle design is a promising approach for introducing efficient resource circulation. In such design, there are difficulties in balancing demand and supply for resources throughout product life cycles. For the resource balance, it is important to design a product life cycle focusing on individual products and their parts, since they change their states(More)
We propose a system that uses a camera and a mirror to input behaviour of a pointer in 3D space. Using direct and reflection images of the pointer obtained from single directional camera input, the system computes the 3D positions and the normal vector of the mirror simultaneously. Although the system can only input the "relative positions" of the pointer,(More)
Schwannomas of the vestibular nerve are the striking characteristics of neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), an autosomal dominant hereditary disease. The NF2 gene on 22q12 has been isolated as the gene responsible for NF2. Previous studies have reported that 60% of sporadic schwannomas showed inactivation of the NF2 gene, but genetic alterations of remaining(More)
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