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Speaker recognition has many applications such as access control, person authentication systems, forensics etc. In forensic applications, questioned recording may be received through different channels, noisy conditions and with cases of voice forgery, which make speaker recognition a challenging task. State of the art speaker recognition systems use(More)
The modern era witnesses the evolution of handheld devices from a simple communication medium to a sophisticated information access platform. Coupling it with intelligent recommendation techniques can transform it to an essential companion for users during their travel, purchases and other routine transactions. A recommender system extracts personalized(More)
Speech recognition is one of the promising technologies of the future. Voice user interfaces play an important role in many real world applications. This paper presents speaker independent isolated digit recognition for Malayalam language and reveals some application areas of digit recognition. Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) is used as feature(More)
Considering the level of competition prevailing in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce domain and the huge investments required to attract new customers, firms are now giving more focus to reduce their customer churn rate. Churn rate is the ratio of customers who part away with the firm in a specific time period. One of the best mechanism to retain(More)
A MANET consist of a collection of wireless mobile nodes in which packets are transmitted from one to another node via intermediate nodes within range. To find an efficient routing protocol, which is used to transmit data from source to destination across whole network, is a major issue in networking research. MANETs are flexibly distributed that can change(More)
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