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A quantitative study of the focus tuning by a liquid crystal lens in an imaging system composed of a camera module and the liquid crystal lens that performs the focusing function is reported. The resolving capability of the imaging system is investigated by analyzing the image of an ISO12233 chart formed by the system. Measurements show that with the focus(More)
SUMMARY In the design of an active matrix LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), the ratio of the pixel voltage to the video voltage (RPV) of a pixel is an important factor of the performance of the LCD, since the pixel voltage of each pixel determines its transmitted luminance. Thus, of practical importance is the issue of how to maintain the admissible allowance(More)
Measurements of the singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)) quenching rates (k(Q) (S)) and the relative singlet oxygen absortpion capacity (SOAC) values were performed for 16 phenolic antioxidants (tocopherol derivatives, ubiquinol-10, caffeic acids, and catechins) and vitamin C in ethanol/chloroform/D(2)O (50:50:1, v/v/v) solution at 35 °C. It has been clarified that the(More)
Design automation of LCD driver circuits is not sophisticatedly established. Display fineness of an LCD panel depends on a performance metric, ratio of pixel voltage to video voltage (RPV). However , there are several other important metrics, such as power consumption and area, and the best circuit cannot be decided uniquely. This paper proposes a design(More)