Shingo Takahashi

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In the design of an active matrix LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), the ratio of the pixel voltage to the video voltage (RPV) of a pixel is an important factor of the performance of the LCD, since the pixel voltage of each pixel determines its transmitted luminance. Thus, of practical importance is the issue of how to maintain the admissible allowance of RPV of(More)
A quantitative study of the focus tuning by a liquid crystal lens in an imaging system composed of a camera module and the liquid crystal lens that performs the focusing function is reported. The resolving capability of the imaging system is investigated by analyzing the image of an ISO12233 chart formed by the system. Measurements show that with the focus(More)
A fundamental means of allergic disease prevention, via the use of functional food factors, is desirable. A number of studies on the role of functional food factors in preventing allergic diseases have been reported. In this review, the preventive effects of polyphenols, carotenoids, polysaccharides, and non-digestible oligosaccharides on allergic diseases(More)
A formal and strict framework to deal with `soft' games with misperception of emotions by actors is provided. The concepts of credibility and complete credibility of information are de®ned to examine the relations between emotions of actors and the credibility of information about behavior of the actors. The equivalence of credibility and complete(More)
Recently, a new assay method that can quantify the singlet oxygen absorption capacity (SOAC) of natural antioxidants and food extracts was developed. The SOAC values were measured in ethanol-chloroform-D2O (50 + 50 + 1, v/v/v) solution at 35°C using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer equipped with a six-channel cell positioner and an electron-temperature control(More)
Measurements of the singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)) quenching rates (k(Q) (S)) and the relative singlet oxygen absortpion capacity (SOAC) values were performed for 16 phenolic antioxidants (tocopherol derivatives, ubiquinol-10, caffeic acids, and catechins) and vitamin C in ethanol/chloroform/D(2)O (50:50:1, v/v/v) solution at 35 °C. It has been clarified that the(More)
Optical rotation is experimentally demonstrated in a semiconductor-based three-dimensional chiral photonic crystal (PhC) at a telecommunication wavelength. We design a rotationally-stacked woodpile PhC structure, where neighboring layers are rotated by 45° and four layers construct a single helical unit. The mirror-asymmetric PhC made from GaAs with(More)
This paper introduces a Gaussian mixture model to represent delay and slew distributions in the statistical static timing analysis, and proposes algorithms for propagating them on a given circuit graph. The Gaussian mixture model can represent a non-Gaussian distribution due to the statistical Max operation properly, and any correlation efficiently, since(More)