Shingo Takahashi

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SUMMARY In the design of an active matrix LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), the ratio of the pixel voltage to the video voltage (RPV) of a pixel is an important factor of the performance of the LCD, since the pixel voltage of each pixel determines its transmitted luminance. Thus, of practical importance is the issue of how to maintain the admissible allowance(More)
Design automation of LCD driver circuits is not sophisticatedly established. Display fineness of an LCD panel depends on a performance metric, ratio of pixel voltage to video voltage (RPV). However , there are several other important metrics, such as power consumption and area, and the best circuit cannot be decided uniquely. This paper proposes a design(More)
− In the design of a source driver in an active matrix LCD, of primal importance is the issue of how to restrict the admissible allowance of the RPV (i.e. the ratio of the pixel voltage to the video voltage) of a pixel within a specified narrow range, which determines the transmitted luminance of the pixel. This constraint on the RPV is analyzed in terms of(More)
BACKGROUND Improving child health is one of the major policy agendas for most of the governments, especially in the developing countries. These governments have been implementing various strategies such as improving healthcare financing, improving access to health, increasing educational level, and income level of the household to improve child health.(More)
This paper proposes an agent-based simulation to analyze the effective resource allocation strategies for patrolling and inspection in consideration of urban network structures. A model of attackers and defenders is first formulated as " security game for urban networks. " Then optimal security plans are calculated as Nash equilibria, supposing complete(More)
Designing a signage system in complex and large-scale facilities such as airport passenger terminals, stations or shopping malls has a significant impact on usability of the facilities. Facility managers would like to provide appropriate guidance information to facility users by using a signage system. It is difficult, however, to create the signage system(More)
We conducted a long-term time-series analysis of an individual's home blood pressure measurements, stored on a personal healthcare system in cloud, relative to the individual's life-style. In addition to daily scattering, apparent seasonal variations were observed in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. We examined the effect of seasonal(More)