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Nitric oxide reductase (NOR) is an iron-containing enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of nitric oxide (NO) to generate a major greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N(2)O). Here, we report the crystal structure of NOR from Pseudomonas aeruginosa at 2.7 angstrom resolution. The structure reveals details of the catalytic binuclear center. The non-heme iron (Fe(B))(More)
The structure-function relationship in cytochrome P450cam monooxygenase was studied by employing its active site mutant Thr252Ile. X-ray crystallographic analyses of the ferric d-camphor-bound form of the mutant revealed that the mutation caused a structural change in the active site giving an enlarged oxygen-binding pocket that did not contain any(More)
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma are pleiotropic cytokines that regulate Schwann cell responses during injury and inflammatory demyelination. We have previously shown that cyclic AMP (cAMP)-elevating agents decrease the demyelination and Wallerian degeneration in experimental allergic neuritis. In this study, we examined the role of cAMP in(More)
Sphingolipid products such as ceramide (cer), sphingosine (sph), and sphingosine-1-phosphate (SPP) are implicated in the regulation of cell growth and apoptosis. We have recently shown that cer, sph, and SPP differentially modulate ionic events in cultured oligodendrocytes (OLGs). Cer but not sph or SPP inhibits the inward rectifier (I(Kir)) in OLGs. To(More)
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