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A sensor selection method for distributed real-time sensing is proposed where the effect of communication delays is taken into account. First, a multi-sensor fusion algorithm that allows communication delays is proposed. This method takes advantage of the information form of Kalman filtering in order to maintain scalability with the number of sensors. Based(More)
—Conventional SIMD image processors are very effective for early visual processing because of their parallelism. However , in performing more advanced processing, they exhibit some problems, such as poor performance in global operations and a tradeoff between flexibility of processing and the number of pixels. This paper shows a new architecture and sample(More)
A real-time visual processing system using a general-purpose vision chip, an image sensor in which photo detectors and processing elements are integrated, is described. In order to control the vision chip and process its output at high speed, a novel architecture called SPARSIS, in which control process of the vision chip is pipelined and integrated with a(More)
This paper proposes a high frame rate 3-D shape measurement system based on structured light projection using temporally-coded binary patterns. This system consists of a DMD (digital micromirror device) projector and a high-speed camera, both of which operate at over 6,000 fps. Introducing an image processing algorithm of detecting and tracking the(More)
Real-time image processing at high frame rates could play an important role in various visual measurement. Such image processing can be realized by using a high-speed vision system imaging at high frame rates and having appropriate algorithms processed at high speed. We introduce a vision chip for high-speed vision and propose a multi-target tracking(More)
This paper proposes a method for identifying an object which contains an accelerometer out of many moving objects in the view of a stationary camera using motion data obtained by the camera and the accelerometer. The camera and the accelerometer are assumed to be connected with a network but not synchronized. In order to evaluate the similarity of the(More)
Network communication services such as Skype or gaming applications using interactive TVs with cameras and IR-sensors have begun to appear. Vision-based recognition systems using hand gestures to control applications such as TV menus are gaining popularity in the market. It is crucial that the VGI is simple, easily used and allows users to comfortably(More)