Shingo Chiyoda

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To make the endoscopic surgery more precise and more accessible , computer-enhanced surgical robot systems are introduced and accepted in the surgical community. Present surgical robot systems unfortunately occupy a signiicant amount of space in operating rooms. It sometimes prohibits surgeons from emergency access to the patient. In this paper, we propose(More)
The influence of leukaemic cells on the colony formation of human bone marrow cells was studied in vitro as an extension of our previous work (Chiyoda et al., 1975). An extract of leukaemic bone marrow cells significantly suppressed colony forming ability of the normal bone marrow cells, whereas an extract of normal bone marrow cells did not suppress it(More)
IN ACUTE leukaemia, mature granulo-cytes are usually reduced in peripheral blood and bone marrow. In such cases it could be considered that normal haemopoietic stem cells are merely replaced by leukaemic cells in haemopoietic organs or that normal haemopoietic stem cells are suppressed by leukaemic cells through such mechanisms as cell-to-cell interaction,(More)
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