Shingo Asamoto

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Potentials in the final sector of the afferent pathway from the acupuncture point (AP) were enhanced by intraperitoneal 0.5 mg/kg morphine without changing the threshold of AP stimulation and greatly decreased by hypophysectomy. The decreased potentials were restored to the control level by morphine (0.5 mg/kg, IP). Potentials evoked in the final sector of(More)
Stimulation of the rat inner auricular regions that correspond to the human pylorus, lung, trachea, stomach, esophagus, endocrine, and heart acupuncture points evoked potentials in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus (HVM), the satiety center. Needle implantation into any of these points reduced the body weight to its initial 290 g after the rat had(More)
We previously found that the center of animal hypnosis production in the rabbit is located around the locus ceruleus and brachium conjunctivum (LC-BC) of the brainstem. The involvement of serotonergic neurons in this area of animal hypnosis was investigated by microinjection of serotonin into these regions. The duration of animal hypnosis (DAH) induced by(More)
Open dumping of municipal solid waste (MSW) is the most common way of handling solid waste in Sri Lanka due to high cost involved with advanced technologies for landfilling, lack of technical capacity, lack of knowhow to manage landfill sites, and so on. Landfill leachate generated from the MSW landfill sites must be treated before dispose into the(More)
Innerhalb von 6 Jahren wurden 102 Patienten in 134 Segmenten wegen einer isolierten knöchern bedingten Spinalkanalstenose der Halswirbelsäule operiert. Als Implantat wurde ein mit Hydroxylapatitkeramik (HAK) beschichtetes Titaninterponat eingesetzt. Das Durchschnittsalter der Patienten betrug 53 Jahre. Die letzte klinische und radiologische(More)
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