Shingchern D. You

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This paper reports an efficient quantization algorithm for the implementation of a real-time MP-3 encoder based on a low-cost digital signal processor. Unlike the well-known nested-loop quantization algorithm, which requires a large and unpredictable amount of iterations, the proposed algorithm uses a single loop with only three iterations to reduce the(More)
This paper describes a multiresolution system based on MPEG-7 audio signature descriptors for music identification. Such an identification system may be used to detect illegally copied music circulated over the Internet. In the proposed system, low-resolution descriptors are used to search likely candidates, and then full-resolution descriptors are used to(More)
We study how to reduce the dimensionality of the MPEG-7 audio signature descriptors in this paper. With the aid of the dimension-reduced descriptors, the comparison time for detecting copyrighted audio can be significantly reduced. The studied methods include block average, principal component analysis (PCA), Hadamard transform, Haar transform, and CDF(More)
This article proposes to use the relative distances between adjacent envelope peaks detected in stereo audio as fingerprints for copy identification. The matching algorithm used is the rough longest common subsequence (RLCS) algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed approach has better identification accuracy than an MPEG-7 based scheme for(More)