Shing-chern D. You

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In this paper, we propose a prototype of smart furniture for the smart home—“a magic mirror table”. The proposed system has a camera to capture the viewer’s facial expression. By analyzing the expressions, the system is able to determine the emotion of the viewer. If the viewer is in a negative emotion, the system then speaks positive sentences and plays(More)
This paper describes a smart home system consisting of Smart Door Porch and a home portal. Smart Door Porch uses cameras, an RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader, and a touch panel for home security as well as the at-home awareness of each family member. The home portal uses Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) framework and Java EE as the(More)
As the development for ubiquitous computing, services for smart home will not only be limited at the household space. The scope of services will stride beyond the geographical constraint, and the service will supports the activities of each home member even out of home. Services based on each home member's schedule will form a type of calendar centered(More)
Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) has been proposed as a technique for improving separation of concerns in software and becomes a popular research topic. The AOP language bindings with implementation framework are generally available which allow you to directly use AOP with several programming languages such as Ruby, Squeak, Smalltalk, C, C++,(More)
Nursing scheduling problem (NSP) has been verified NP-Complete. The Nursing scheduling is a dynamic process interacting with parties iteratively to reflect the revised expectations and constrained rules. It is an orchestrating process which needs not only the scheduling algorithms and shifting methodologies but also the interaction and coordination. Based(More)
Remote appliance control is an important vision for the smart home. Even in the next few decades, it is inevitable that conversional appliances and smart appliance will coexist together to help people live better. For this reason, this research proposed a remote control model for the conversional appliances to integrate with smart home environment. In this(More)
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