Shing-Yu Chen

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Developing parallel programs imposes many debugging challenges on multicore systems. Many researchers were successful to detect parallel faults in background by hardware assistance. However, it is still an urgent issue to reproduce the same faulted circumstance after faults occurred. Tracing the causality between events is a popular solution in current(More)
Orthogonal frequency-divisionmultiplexing (OFDM) passive optical network (PON) has been considered to be a promising next-generation broadband wired access solution. However, based on the current tree-based architecture, existing OFDM PON systems face severe challenges when increasing the scalability and data-rate performance. In this paper, we propose a(More)
In today’s modern system-on-chips , there are several intellectual properties on the system to provide different functionality. However, more complex communications on SoCs the harder at which the programmer could discover all errors before first silicon during its verification. Therefore, it provides a reconfigurable unit for recording the transactions(More)
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