Shing-Yeu Lii

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We present a novel radial-view-based culling method for continuous self-collision detection (CSCD) of skeletal models. Our method targets closed triangular meshes used to represent the surface of a model. It can be easily integrated with bounding volume hierarchies (BVHs) and used as the first stage for culling non-colliding triangle pairs. A mesh is(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach based on a particle-based model for ice melting simulation. Each particle has an attribute called virtual water. The amount of the virtual water of an ice particle indicates the amount of water surrounding the ice particle. The transfer of the virtual water is performed between the exterior ice particles so as to(More)
Molecules with donor (diphenylamine) and acceptor moieties (dicyano or cyanoacrylic acid moieties) were linked by fluorene or spirobisfluorene cores and the chain length has been changed by introducing a thiophene group between fluorene and diphenylamine. Four different kinds of fluorene and spirobisfluorene compounds were adsorbed from highly diluted(More)
We present a bounding volume hierarchy construction based on a culling technique for performing ray tracing on manycore GPUs. The objects are divided into view-sets of triangles with respect to a set of view targets (including the camera and the light sources). A bounding volume hierarchy, namely reduced bounding volume hierarchy (RBVH), is then constructed(More)
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