Shing-Yaw Wang

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AIMS To investigate the effects of massage on pain reaction and anxiety during labour. BACKGROUND Labour pain is a challenging issue for nurses designing intervention protocols. Massage is an ancient technique that has been widely employed during labour, however, relatively little study has been undertaken examining the effects of massage on women in(More)
Objective: The enormous job stress of police work may result in depression, which is highly correlated with work disability and poor quality of life. We investigated the quality of life, the probability of depression, and the related risk factors for police officers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Methods: We used the 12-item Short-Form Health Survey (SF-12) and the(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine the relationships between body mass index (BMI) and television viewing, Internet use and cellular phone use and the moderators for these relationships in adolescents. METHOD The relationship between BMI and the time spent on three kinds of sedentary activities and the moderators for these relationships were analyzed(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the differences in stress, social support, self-esteem, and depression in fathers and mothers during the postpartum period. METHODS Eighty-three postnatal Taiwanese couples participated in the study. Four structured questionnaires were used to analyze the differences between fathers and mothers. RESULTS(More)
Our understanding of the relationship between the neuroanatomic loci of brain damage and the incidence of post-stroke depression (PSD) is not complete. Many studies have investigated this relationship and the evidence is conflicting. With the purpose of gaining a consistent, strong, and credible conclusion on the relationship between PSD and the loci of(More)
This study evaluated the association between Internet addiction and frustration intolerance, the gender difference of frustration intolerance, and the gender differences of the association between Internet addiction and frustration intolerance. Participants were 2,114 students (1,204 male and 910 female) who were recruited to complete the Chen Internet(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined a group of Taiwanese subjects at a medical university hospital regarding their attitudes toward truth telling of cancer. METHOD Self-report survey with convenience sampling of 195 participants admitted for a 3-day comprehensive health examination in a medical university hospital in Taiwan. Three instruments used to collect(More)
BACKGROUND Serotonergic dysfunction is believed to be involved in suicide attempts. The loudness-dependent auditory evoked potential (LDAEP) is one of the validated indicators of the activity of the central serotonin system in humans. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to investigate possible differences in the LDAEP and P300 between those depressed(More)
BACKGROUND AND METHODS The present follow-up study aims to assess the association between depressive symptomatology during the second or third trimester of pregnancy and obstetric-neonatal outcomes in Taiwan. Follow-up evaluations of delivery and birth records in the immediate postpartum period were carried out on 265 nondepressed, 107 mildly to moderately(More)
BACKGROUND Many factors contribute to a pregnant woman's choice of infant feeding method, yet few studies have investigated which factors might be specific to pregnant women in Taiwan. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationships among factors of body image, maternal-fetal attachment, and the choices made by pregnant Taiwanese women about(More)