Shing Chun Benny Lam

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We established a collection of 7,000 transgenic lines of Drosophila melanogaster. Expression of GAL4 in each line is controlled by a different, defined fragment of genomic DNA that serves as a transcriptional enhancer. We used confocal microscopy of dissected nervous systems to determine the expression patterns driven by each fragment in the adult brain and(More)
Automatic alignment (registration) of 3D images of adult fruit fly brains is often influenced by the significant displacement of the relative locations of the two optic lobes (OLs) and the center brain (CB). In one of our ongoing efforts to produce a better image alignment pipeline of adult fruit fly brains, we consider separating CB and OLs and align them(More)
BACKGROUND Cocaine addicted patients with positive cocaine urine status at treatment entry are far less likely to have a successful treatment outcome. This work aims to identify brain substrates that can distinguish this group of patients from their cocaine-negative counterparts in order to better understand this clinical phenotype. Going a step beyond(More)
Vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis are a common skeletal disorder affecting the mobility of the patients, although little is known about the relationship between spinal kinematics and osteoporotic fracture. The purpose of this study was to characterize the motions of the thoracolumbar spine affected by osteoporotic vertebral fracture at level T12 and(More)
Previous lumbar motion analyses suggest the usefulness of quantitatively characterizing spine motion. However, the application of such measurements is still limited by the lack of user-friendly automatic spine motion analysis systems. This paper describes an automatic analysis system to measure lumbar spine disorders that consists of a spine motion guidance(More)
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