Shiney Mary Peter

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Poekilocerus pictus is a painted grasshopper, which feeds on Calotropis sp. containing the cardiac glycosides. A new cell line BPH22 is developed from midgut of P. pictus to study its unique physiology and biochemistry. Initially, the Graces insect medium is used with 10% (v/v) fetal bovine serum. After four passages, the serum quantity was reduced up to(More)
Calotropis gigantea, the giant milkweed, is traditionally used for the treatment of cancer and in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-helminthic, anti-pyretic, and anti-malarial agent. Poecilocerus pictus, an orthopteran insect, feeds on C. gigantea and both are known to possess cardiac glycosides. The increasing reports on the specific cytotoxicity of cardiac(More)
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