Shinde Ajinkya

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Excessive fat accumulation has been observed in the field in chickens infected with adenovirus. In the present study this has been verified under experimental conditions. Chickens inoculated with adenovirus showed lesser weight gain but excessive adiposity compared to normal control chickens. These changes could not be explained by variation in food(More)
With the advent of the Internet, a wealth of information awaits anyone within the touch of a few keystrokes. Unfortunately, the desired content is often buried in massive amounts of irrelevant information and each user must cull through the extraneous material..The Stock Tracker is an adaptive recommendation system for trading stocks that automatically(More)
We previously reported that chickens infected with the avian adenovirus SMAM-1 developed a unique syndrome characterized by excessive intra-abdominal fat deposition accompanied by paradoxically low serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. There have been no previous reports of avian adenoviruses infecting humans. We screened the serum of 52 humans with(More)