Shinako Matsuyama

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Protein-protein interaction and gene regulatory networks are likely to be locked in a state corresponding to a disease by the behavior of one or more bistable circuits exhibiting switch-like behavior. Sets of genes could be over-expressed or repressed when anomalies due to disease appear, and the circuits responsible for this over- or under-expression might(More)
Agent-based modeling, simulation, and network analysis approaches are one of the emergent techniques among soft computing literature. This paper presents an agent-based model for analyzing the characteristics of peerto-peer human communication networks. We focus on the process of the collapse of Enron Corporation, which is an interesting topic among the(More)
This paper points out to a particular person-to-person communications network and proposes a system for secure contents sharing (exchange) developed under certain constraints on functionality and implementation. Particularly, a dedicated access control system is proposed based on employment of the broadcast encryption concept for controlling the access(More)
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