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— Cross-validation and bootstrap, or resampling methods in general, are examined for applying them to optimizing the number of units of competitive associative nets called CAN2. There are a number of resampling methods available, but the performance depends on the neural network to be applied and functions to be learned. So, we apply several resampling(More)
Recently, computer vision technology has been widely adopted for the safety technology of automobiles. In conventional methods, research on the recognition of obstacles of similar height has advanced, such as the recognition of pedestrians or nearby vehicles. However, we must also help drivers recognize the height of obstacles that the vehicles cannot drive(More)
Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is the fourth most-produced cereal in the world and is mainly utilized as animal feed and malts. Recently barley attracts considerable attentions as healthy food rich in dietary fiber. However, limited knowledge is available about developmental aspects of barley leaves. In the present study, we investigated barley narrow leafed(More)
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