Shin-ichiro Abe

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By analysing sections of distal femurs in the computer, and by making direct measurements, the posterior femoral condyles were shown to closely fit spherical surfaces. The center of the spheres were then used as reference points and used to define reference axes in a motion study. In flexing from 0 to 120 degrees the medial femoral condyle moved little, the(More)
firm the measured angular dependency of neutron-induced MCUs. The simulation results show that the ratio of the number of MCUs at the angles of 60 to that at 0 is 1.20 and the same tendency of MCU patterns is observed. The measured angular dependency of neutron-induced MCUs is mostly reproduced by the simulated generation and transport of secondary ions.
Event-related BOLD fMRI data is modeled as a linear time-invariant system. Together with Bayesian inference techniques, a statistical test is developed for rigorously detecting linearity/nonlinearity in the BOLD response system. The test is applied to data collected from eight subjects using an event-related paradigm with a switching checkerboard as the(More)
The Fukushima nuclear accident led to deposition of radionuclides into the freshwater fishery ground of ayu Plecoglossus altivelis. For the purpose of more comprehensive understanding of the radioactive contamination, cesium-137 (137Cs) was analyzed in running water, muddy sediment, attached algae, and ayu using samples from three river systems with(More)
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