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We have developed a 2D laser range sensor suitable for mobile robot platforms. The sensor features compactness, lightweight, high precision and low power consumption, and provides the wide scan angle with high resolution, which is very important for environment recognition by mobile robots. The basic technology for measuring the distance between the sensor(More)
The final objective of the authors is to realize mobile robot navigation in walkway of outdoor environment. The path along the walkway which is measured correctly together with landmarks must be given in the framework in this paper. The robot identifies its position by means of odometry, DGPS and laser range finder (LRF) during the motion along the path.(More)
Effective detection of people is a basic requirement for robot coexistence in human environments. In our previous work [1] we proposed a method for people detection and position estimation using multiple layers of Laser Range Finders (LRF) in a mobile robot. We extend our work by introducing laser reflection intensity as a novel feature for people(More)