Shin-ichi Usui

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The klotho gene, originally identified by insertional mutagenesis in mice, suppresses the expression of multiple aging-associated phenotypes. This gene is predominantly expressed in the kidney. Recent studies have shown that expression of renal klotho gene is regulated in animal models of metabolic diseases and in humans with chronic renal failure. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal iron deposition may cause oxidant-induced damage in various organs. We have previously reported that continuous administration of angiotensin II to rats results in an overt iron deposition in the renal tubular epithelial cells, which may have a role in angiotensin II-induced renal damage. In the present study, we investigated the role of(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated the contribution of the gamma subunit of the Fc receptor of IgG (FcRgamma) to neuronal death following ischemic injury and Parkinson's disease. We examined the role of FcRgamma in hippocampal pyramidal cell death induced by kainic acid (KA). FcRgamma-deficient mice (FcRgamma-/-) and their FcRgamma+/+ littermates (wild type,(More)
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