Shin-etsu Kadowaki

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RNA polymerase of influenza virus is a specific enzyme necessary for the viral replication. A siRNA against the RNA polymerase and the RNA polymerase inhibitor L-742,001 reduced accumulation of viral RNAs in the infected cells. L-742,001 strongly inhibited virus re-growth after removal of the agent from the culture, whereas the neuraminidase inhibitor(More)
Immune responses induced by a nasal influenza vaccine with a mutant cholera toxin (CT112K), known to be a safe adjuvant, were characterized in BALB/c mice to confirm the most suitable regimen of this vaccine for humans. Mice received a primary intranasal administration of the adjuvant (0.1 micro g)-combined PR8 vaccine (0.1 micro g) and a secondary(More)
We established a mouse model of secondary pneumococcal pneumonia after influenza virus infection and investigated the efficacy of several quinolones against pneumonia in this model. Gatifloxacin exhibited the highest efficacy among the quinolones examined and is probably useful for the treatment of secondary bacterial pneumonia.
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