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Mobile commerce is becoming increasingly important in business. This trend is particularly evident in the service industry. To cope with this demand, various platforms have been proposed to provide effective mobile commerce solutions. Among these solutions, wireless application protocol (WAP) is one of the most widespread technical standards for mobile(More)
This paper identifies the factors that determine the publics' acceptance of e-Government services. The online tax filing and payment system (OTFPS) is a well-known e-Government service in Taiwan. Using a theoretical model based on the theory of planned behavior, this study aims to (1) identify the determinants for acceptance of the OTFPS; (2) examine the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The recent rapid increase in the amount of medical information has pushed hospitals to confront an essential issue which is how to utilize healthcare information technology to improve healthcare services quality. Customer relationship management system (CRMS) is an innovative technology which facilitates the process to acquire,(More)
Taiwan deregulated its wireless telecommunication services in 1997. Fierce competition followed, and churn management becomes a major focus of mobile operators to retain subscribers via satisfying their needs under resource constraints. One of the challenges is churner prediction. Through empirical evaluation, this study compares various data mining(More)
Software projects have a high rate of failure. Organizations have tried to reduce the rate through methodological approaches but with little perceived success. A model of software development maturity (the capability maturity model (CMM)) describes managerial processes that can be used to attack software development difficulties from the managerial control(More)
PURPOSE Evidence-based medicine (EBM) supports physicians in their improvement of clinical quality and enhances hospitals' improvement of patient safety. Many health care institutions implement information systems to support physicians practicing EBM. However, studies exploring the antecedent factors of physicians' usage intention of information systems(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Signet ring cell carcinoma of the rectum (SCCR) is a rare type of rectal carcinoma. This study examined the clinical significance of SCCR. PATIENTS AND METHODS From our medical records we retrospectively identified 61 SCCR patients and compared their clinical data and outcomes to those of 144 consecutive patients with non-SCCR mucinous(More)