Shin Tanahashi

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We propose a chatting system tha t uses avatar language to communicate across the linguistic barriers. We developed a CG system for generating CG animations of words from avatar language. A communication experiment was performed using a Japanese communications satellite t o confirm the validity of the developed chatting system.
An access-control system has been developed and installed at the National Institute for Fusion Science. The system uses an interlock-signal system and a group-access-control system to safeguard the operation of the large helical device. In this paper, the access-control system is described along with its features, advantages and disadvantages, and benefits.
This paper pr~sents a method oicontroling ultravid ~ t ray5 by utilizing mask p a t t ~ r n s for producing titcreo ground mdpls. The LCD display system waf developed as a substitute for a mask pattern sheet. Usually an ~iliraviniet lnser and r a t e t scanning ate used when producing s t ~ r m odels by o p tical Zithography. Elowever, th is method has some(More)
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