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Because retrotransposons are the major component of plant genomes, analysis of the target site selection of retrotransposons is important for understanding the structure and evolution of plant genomes. Here, we examined the target site specificity of the rice retrotransposon Tos17, which can be activated by tissue culture. We have produced 47,196(More)
DNA repair associated with DNA replication is important for the conservation of genomic sequence information, whereas reconstitution of chromatin after replication sustains epigenetic information. We have isolated and characterized mutations in the BRU1 gene of Arabidopsis that suggest a novel link between these underlying maintenance mechanisms. Bru1(More)
To enhance our understanding of GA metabolism in rice (Oryza sativa), we intensively screened and identified 29 candidate genes encoding the following GA metabolic enzymes using all available rice DNA databases: ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase (CPS), ent-kaurene synthase (KS), ent-kaurene oxidase (KO), ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase (KAO), GA 20-oxidase(More)
Newly synthesized DNA is rapidly assembled into mature nucleosomes by the deposition of pre-existing and nascent histones, and some parts of this process are facilitated by chromatin assembly factor 1 (CAF-1). Loss-of-function mutants of CAF-1 in Arabidopsis, fasciata (fas), show a variety of morphological abnormalities and unique defects in gene expression(More)
LEAFY COTYLEDON 1 (LEC1) plays vital roles in the regulation of seed maturation in Arabidopsis. LEC1 encodes a homolog of yeast HAP3 or mammalian NF-YB/CBF-A subunit of trimeric CCAAT binding factor (CBF). Among the nine paralogs of NF-YB in Arabidopsis, LEC1-LIKE (L1L) is most closely related to LEC1, and can complement the lec1 mutation when expressed(More)
Dehydrins (DHNs), or group 2 LEA (Late Embryogenesis Abundant) proteins, play a fundamental role in plant response and adaptation to abiotic stresses. They accumulate typically in maturing seeds or are induced in vegetative tissues following salinity, dehydration, cold, and freezing stress. The generally accepted classification of dehydrins is based on(More)
The tobacco retrotransposon Tto1, one of a few active retrotransposons of plants, has been shown to be activated by tissue culture. Its transposition is regulated mainly at the transcriptional level. It is shown here that expression of Tto1 can be induced in leaves of tobacco by wounding stress. Exogenous supply of methyl jasmonate, which is known to be a(More)
OBJECTIVES This clinical study was carried out to clarify the indications for extended radical resection for pancreatic carcinoma. METHODS From July 1981 to September 2003, 250 of 391 (63.9%) patients with pancreatic carcinoma underwent tumor resection in our department. Portal vein resection was performed in 171 of these 250 (68.4%) resected cases. The(More)
OBJECTIVES A retrospective study was performed to clarify the correlation between radiographic type of portal vein (PV) invasion and pathological grade of PV wall invasion, and their correlation with postoperative prognosis. BACKGROUND In many patients with pancreatic cancer, PV resection is necessary to increase resectability and obtain cancer-free(More)
Crop production is threatened by global climate change, and recent demands for crops to produce bio-fuels have started to affect the worldwide supply of some of the most important foods. How can we support a growing human population in such circumstances? One potential solution is the improvement of crops to increase yield from both irrigated and(More)