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Breakdown and macroinvertebrate colonization of conifer needles (Cryptomeria japonica) and deciduous broadleaves (Euptelea polyandra) were investigated using litter bags in two study sites in streams flowing through a conifer plantation of C. japonica in Shikoku, southwestern Japan (one site with conifer canopy and another with mixed conifer and broadleaved(More)
Habitat use and foraging behavior of two benthic insectivorous gobies, Rhinogobius sp. CO (cobalt type) and Rhinogobius sp. DA (dark type), were examined in relation to their predation effects on local prey density in a small coastal stream in southwestern Shikoku, Japan. Correlations among the foraging range, frequency of foraging attempts and current(More)
The importance of interspecific competition to habitat use by two congeneric stream gobies, Rhinogobius sp. LD (large-dark type) and CB (cross-band type), was studied by: (i) examining differences in habitat use by each species along the course of the stream; and (ii) comparing microhabitat use and the diet of each species between in allopatry and in(More)
Competition between two congeneric gobies, Rhinogobius sp. LD (large-dark type) and CB (cross-band type), for habitat was studied in a tributary of the Shimanto River, southwestern Shikoku, Japan. Habitat use by CB, measured by water depth, current velocity, and substrate, was compared between before and after the removal of LD. After the removal of LD, CB(More)
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