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A 46-year-old Korean woman was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer and underwent 8 cycles of neoadjuvant chemotherapy, breast conservation surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy. However, the cancer recurred in the right upper lung (RUL) and the right pulmonary hilum after 8 months. The RUL nodule was removed through a wedge resection, and the pathologic(More)
Klatskin tumor is known to be highly resistant to conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Although surgical resection is the treatment of choice if possible, the prognosis is very poor after the surgery. In this report, we present an unusual case of 57-year-old woman who has been living for more than 4.5 years after the diagnosis of unresectable(More)
This report presents a case that shows a significant anticancer effect of Korean medicine therapy (KMT). A 79-year-old man, who was diagnosed as stage IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in December 2012, was treated with KMT including intravenous pharmacopunctures and oral herbal medicine from February 22, 2013, until September 2013 without any surgical(More)
INTRODUCTION Wilms tumor is one of general solid cancers that occur in children, which carries a death rate of 7-8 in a million. The cure rate of Wilms tumor in the recent 30 years has dramatically been improved, but a proper remedy is still not prepared enough in terms of application in tumor therapy upon recurrence after radiotherapy, surgery and(More)
This case report is aimed to investigate the effects of Korean medicine therapy (KMT) including oral herbal medicine and herb nebulizer therapy in treating metastatic bladder cancer in the lungs. A 74-year-old man was diagnosed with metastatic bladder cancer in both lungs in August 2013. He refused any chemotherapy and was admitted to our hospital in a much(More)
The purpose of this case report is to show the potential benefit of Korean medicine therapy for treating multiple metastatic breast cancer. A 45-year-old Korean woman was diagnosed with right breast invasive ductal carcinoma in August 2012 but did not receive any treatment until October 2015 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 right breast cancer with(More)
This case report is aimed to investigate the effects of Korean medicine therapy (KMT) alone including oral herbal medicine on treating a patient with atypical peripheral CD4 T cell lymphoma. The oral medicine used is Hyunamdan made of heat-processed ginseng and Hangamdan S. An 87-year-old man who was diagnosed as having atypical peripheral CD4 T cell(More)
According to the 2008 World Cancer Report by the World Health Organization (WHO), colorectal cancer is one of the leading cancers worldwide. This case study evaluates the effectiveness of Korean medicine treatment, including herbal pharmacopuncture (HP), as a complementary treatment during FOLFIRI chemotherapy. A 73-year-old male who was diagnosed with(More)
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