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PURPOSE We report the outcomes of a randomized clinical trial of single-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy (SPLC) and multiport laparoscopic cholecystectomy (MPLC). METHODS Fifty-four patients (27 in each group) were randomized. A visual analog scale was used with a 10-point scale for an objective assessment of incisional pain and incisional cosmesis on(More)
Myocardial oxygen extraction rates (R) were measured in dogs anesthetized with eight kinds of anesthetic agents to study the balance between myocardial oxygen consumption and its supply under general anesthesia. The R value for basal anesthesia (pentobarbital), original neuroleptanesthesia (Thalamonal), modified neuroleptanesthesia (droperidol and(More)
AIM To elucidate the characteristics of hemorrhagic gastric/duodenal ulcers in a post-earthquake period within one medical district. METHODS Hemorrhagic gastric/duodenal ulcers in the Iwate Prefectural Kamaishi Hospital during the 6-mo period after the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster were reviewed retrospectively. The subjects were 27 patients who(More)
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