Shin Muramatsu

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This paper describes a localization technique that permits mobile robots to accurately determine their positions and even to respond to unforeseen obstacles such as pedestrians. The effectiveness of the method is confirmed in trials using a model robot. Generally, robots are taught the layout of operational environment in order to localize self-position.(More)
This paper describes a development of a robot scooter platform for intelligent personal mobility robot. Recently, a lot of personal mobility has been used by aged and handicapped people. Intelligent mobility robot provides safer and more convenient transfer service such as driving support and automatic transfer. It is necessary to develop a platform(More)
This paper describes a new multicast scheduling scheme for Multi-Massive-Online (MMO) applications in mobile networks. In order to reduce the amount of traffic volume, multicast channels should be fully utilized for information sharing among users while unicast channels are used to notify the current states of the users to the servers. On the other hand,(More)
An Edge-Overlay model constructing virtual networks using both virtual switches and IP tunnels is promising in cloud datacenter networks. But software-implemented virtual switches can cause performance problems because the packet processing load is concentrated on a particular CPU core. Although multi queue functions like Receive Side Scaling (RSS) can(More)
This paper describes a localization technique for a mobile robot in an environment with many unknown obstacles, such as pedestrians. To realize robust localization against unknown obstacles by using a particle filter, a free-space observation model and an area-observation model have previously been proposed. Although these localization methods are very(More)
The notion of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has already been introduced into cloud datacenter networks for provisioning virtual network environment. Network virtualization of today is generally achieved by L2-in-L3 tunneling protocols like VXLAN (Virtual eXtensible LAN) and NVGRE (Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation) in public(More)
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