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In an increasingly heterogeneous wireless environment, the selection of a network best able to meet the requirements of users has become ever more difficult. It requires the design of an intelligent handoff decision algorithm. In this paper, we propose an innovated handoff decision algorithm. First, we make handoff decisions based on a group of critical(More)
Conventionally, many researchers and experts are only focused on studies of routing protocol over the MANET. Currently, the pervasion of Internet applications causes TCP as the standard transmission protocol for most of the networking applications. For the reliable packets delivery, TCP can support the mechanisms of flow and congestion control. Due to the(More)
Cloud Computing is the next generation Internet service and data center, and it is also used for public utilities and on-demand computing. Cloud computing is not a totally new technology, but rather a derived concept of application and service innovation in which, multi-tenancy is one of the important issues among the core technologies of cloud computing(More)
MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) is a type of dynamic configuration wireless ad-hoc network that does not require the basic internet construction.  Clustering of devices in MANET could reduce overhead, flooding and collision in communication and make the network topology more stable. Cluster Heads (CHs) are determined dynamically and in charge of(More)
Owing to fast technology developments of wireless communication and mobile computing, the integration of UMTS, WLAN, WiMAX and Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) is one of the most important issues. While mobile nodes move between wireless networks, it will increase the possibility of service interruptions and radio link disconnections under different mobile networks.(More)