Shin Jae Kang

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SUMMARY In this letter, we propose a novel approach to human activity recognition. We present a class of features that are robust to the tilt of the attached sensor module and a state transition model suitable for HMM-based activity recognition. In addition, postprocessing techniques are applied to stabilize the recognition results. The proposed approach(More)
SUMMARY In this letter, we propose a novel approach to estimate three different kinds of phone mismatch penalty matrices for two-stage keyword spotting. When the output of a phone recognizer is given, detection of a specific keyword is carried out through text matching with the phone sequences provided by the specified keyword using the proposed phone(More)
— A more realistic and robust resource allocation mechanism for wireless networks is proposed which enables wireless network systems to communicate efficiently and combat harsh wireless channels. In order for a central spectrum moderator (CSM) to efficiently allocate wireless resource to wireless stations (WSTAs), overhead information is requisite. A new(More)
Feature mapping technique is widely used to eliminate the mismatch between the training and test conditions of speech recognition. In the feature mapping, a target (mismatched) feature vector sequence is mapped closer to the corresponding reference (matched) feature vector stream. The training of the mapping system is usually carried out based on a set of(More)