Shin-Ichiro Hanada

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The soluble MMO (sMMO) gene clusters from group I methanotrophs were characterized. An 8.1-kb KpnI fragment from Methylomonas sp. strain KSWIII and a 7.5-kb SalI fragment from Methylomonas sp. strain KSPIII which contained the sMMO gene clusters were cloned and sequenced. The sequences of these two fragments were almost identical. The sMMO gene clusters in(More)
Extracellular ligands control biological phenomena. Cells distinguish physiological stimuli from weak noise stimuli by establishing a ligand-concentration threshold. Hormonal control of the meiotic G2/M transition in oocytes is essential for reproduction. However, the mechanism for threshold establishment is unclear. In starfish oocytes, maturation-inducing(More)
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