Shin-Ich Nakamura

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Four patients with adrenal cortical carcinoma were treated with standard doses of o,p'-DDD. Plasma levels of o,p'-DDD and its metabolites o,p'-DDA and o,p'-DDE were measured. o,p'-DDD was measurable for up to 8 months after stopping therapy, and trace levels of metabolites were detectable at 18 months. Although 2 of 3 patients with measurable disease had(More)
Eighty-two terminal cancer patients were treated with implanted venous reservoirs using a Groshong catheter. Sixty-seven out of 82 (77%) patients were temporarily discharged or stayed at home on weekends. The mean hospital stay of these implanted patients at death was shorter than that of non-implanted patients (31 +/- 44 vs 51 +/- 46 days, p = 0.1187).(More)