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This paper introduced a user interface based on virtual shadow derived by projector for spatial augmented reality (SAR) environment. Shadow is a daily phenomenon in our daily life and may contribute to build an effective and intuitive connection between physical and digital world. Taking advantage of spatial and optical characteristics of shadow, user can(More)
We propose a system with camera and projector to show specular reflection of surrounding environment on the real object. At first, active shape measurement with pattern light projection is performed to obtain precise shape of the object rapidly. Then, rendered specular pattern using the shape information is projected on the real object. Our system also(More)
We propose an incrementation of automated monitoring system using multiple cameras embedded in the environment. At first, the object intuding to a sensitive area is detected using planar view-volume intersection method. It assumes no prior knowledge and stably detects any object crossing into the monitored area. Then the whole shape of the object is(More)
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