Shin-Haw Lee

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1. Climbing fibre field potentials evoked by low intensity (non-noxious) electrical stimulation of the ipsilateral superficial radial nerve have been recorded in the rostral paramedian lobule (PML) in awake cats. Chronically implanted microwires were used to monitor the responses at eight different C1 and C3 zone sites during quiet rest and during steady(More)
The mammalian nucleus has invaginations from the cytoplasm, termed nucleoplasmic reticulum (NR). With increased resolution of cellular imaging, progress has been made in understanding the formation and function of NR. In fact, nucleoplasmic Ca2+ homeostasis has been implicated in the regulation of gene expression, DNA repair, and cell death. However, the(More)
Hypoglycaemia is associated with heart rate-corrected QT (QTc) interval lengthening on the ECG; this may be important in the pathogenesis of sudden overnight death in young people with diabetes. Since hypoglycaemic QTc lengthening appears to be mediated through the sympathoadrenal response, we tested the hypothesis that beta1-blockade will prevent these(More)
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