Shin-Gak Kang

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There have been several efforts to provide service-aware technologies in the networks, such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service Delivery Platform (SDP). These technologies were integrated with Service Overlay Network (SON) infrastructure to support control and delivery of services over multiple network domains. However, SON has the(More)
Authentication is the first step toward establishing a service provider and customer (C-P) association. In a mobile network environment, a lightweight and secure authentication protocol is one of the most significant factors to enhance the degree of service persistence. This work presents a secure and lightweight keying and authentication protocol suite(More)
To cope with the ongoing changing demands of the internet, ‘in-network caching’ has been presented as an application solution for two decades. With the advent of information-centric network (ICN) architecture, ‘in-network caching’ becomes a network level solution. Some unique features of ICNs, e.g., rapidly changing cache states, higher request arrival(More)
Telepresence service provides immersive and realistic presence experience to users. Even though telepresence service is no longer new terminology any more, it has not been widely deployed to users. There are several vendors that provide telepresence devices, but they do not interoperate each other because they implemented advanced feature with their own(More)