Shin-Fu Chen

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Polyamines are organic polycations essential for cell growth and differentiation; their aberrant accumulation is often associated with diseases, including many types of cancer. To maintain polyamine homeostasis, the catalytic activity and protein abundance of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC), the committed enzyme for polyamine biosynthesis, are reciprocally(More)
Type IIA topoisomerases catalyze the passage of two DNA duplexes across each other to resolve the entanglements and coiling of cellular DNA. The ability of these enzymes to interact simultaneously but differentially with two DNA segments is central to their DNA-manipulating functions: one duplex DNA is bound and cleaved to produce a transient double-strand(More)
Human type II topoisomerase (Top2) isoforms, hTop2α and hTop2β, are targeted by some of the most successful anticancer drugs. These drugs induce Top2-mediated DNA cleavage to trigger cell-death pathways. The potency of these drugs correlates positively with their efficacy in stabilizing the enzyme-mediated DNA breaks. Structural analysis of hTop2α and(More)
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