Shin-Dong Kang

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We consider the pseudo-inversion operation inspired by a biological event as a result of the partial inversion. We define the pseudoinversion of a string w = uxv to consist of all strings vxu, where uv = λ and consider the operation from a formal language theoretic viewpoint. We show that regular languages are closed under the pseudoinversion operation(More)
We consider a pseudo-inversion operation inspired by biological events, such as DNA sequence transformations, where only parts of a string are reversed. We define the pseudo-inversion of a string  $$w = uxv$$ w = u x v to be the set of all strings  $$v^Rxu^R$$ v R x u R , where $$uv \ne \lambda $$ u v ≠ λ and consider the operation from a formal language(More)
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