Shin Daté

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As a routine examination for intrapelvic organs, transrectal ultrasonotomography was performed 3,000 times on 2,331 patients from June 1976 to February 1980. In this series, 57 patients were diagnosed as prostatic cancer by transrectal ultrasonotomography and 54 (94.7%) of them were finally diagnosed as cancer by biopsy. Three hundred twenty-six patients(More)
Real-time scanning was applied to the sonically guided puncture technique. A special puncture attachment connected to the ultrasound sector scanner was developed for this purpose. A puncture needle is introduced into the scanning plane through the canal in the attachment. Excellent real-time images of both the target lesion and the needle can be clearly(More)
A case of bladder tumor producing granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) is reported. A 78-year-old male presented with macroscopic hematuria. Cystoscopy demonstrated a large bladder tumor. Drip infusion pyelography and computerized tomography of the chest, abdomen and pelvis revealed right hydronephrosis, but did not reveal any metastasis. Total(More)
The gamman-->K(+)K(-)n reaction on 12C has been studied by measuring both K+ and K- at forward angles. A sharp baryon resonance peak was observed at 1.54+/-0.01 GeV/c(2) with a width smaller than 25 MeV/c(2) and a Gaussian significance of 4.6sigma. The strangeness quantum number (S) of the baryon resonance is +1. It can be interpreted as a molecular(More)
Beam polarization asymmetries for the p(gamma-->,K+)Lambda and p(gamma-->,K+)Sigma(0) reactions are measured for the first time for E(gamma)=1.5-2.4 GeV and 0.6<cos((theta(c.m.)(K+))<1.0 by using linearly polarized photons at the Laser-Electron-Photon facility at SPring-8 (LEPS). The observed asymmetries are positive and gradually increase with rising(More)
A low-energy positron beam is a unique probe of Fermi surfaces, defects, surfaces and interfaces. In high-energy electron and positron storage rings (E > 6 GeV) it is possible to generate intense synchrotron radiation with 1-3 MeV photons by installing a high-field superconducting wiggler. The strength of the wiggler should be ~8-12 T. High-energy photons(More)
The Sigma(1385) resonance, or Sigma;{*}, is well known as part of the standard baryon decuplet with spin J=3/2. Measurements of the reaction gammap-->K;{+}Sigma;{*0} are difficult to extract due to overlap with the nearby Lambda(1405) resonance. However, the reaction gamman-->K;{+}Sigma;{*-} has no overlap with the Lambda(1405) due to its charge. Here we(More)
Photoproduction of a phi meson on protons was studied by means of linearly polarized photons at forward angles in the low-energy region from threshold to Egamma = 2.37 GeV. The differential cross sections at t = -|t|min do not increase smoothly as Egamma increases but show a local maximum at around 2.0 GeV. The angular distributions demonstrate that phi(More)