Shin Ae Choi

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 The complete genomic nucleotide sequence and genome structure of Lily symptomless virus (LSV), a lily-infecting carlavirus, have been obtained. The genome of the Korean strain of LSV, LSV-Kr, was 8,394 nucleotides long and contained six open reading frames (ORFs) coding for proteins of Mr 220 kDa (1,948 aa), 25 kDa (228 aa), 12 kDa (106 aa), 7 kDa (64 aa),(More)
Huntingtin interacting protein-1 (Hip1) is known to be associated with the N-terminal domain of huntingtin. Although Hip1 can induce apoptosis, the exact upstream signal transduction pathways have not been clarified yet. In the present study, we examined whether activation of intrinsic and/or extrinsic apoptotic pathways occurs during Hip1-mediated neuronal(More)
Dual specific protein kinase Dyrks are thought to play a key role in the regulation of cell growth in a variety of cellular systems. Interestingly, human Dyrk1 is mapped to the Down's syndrome (DS) critical region on chromosome 21, and thought to be a candidate gene responsible for the mental retardation of DS patients. Huntingtin-interacting protein 1(More)
PURPOSE Prolongation or attenuation of ionizing radiation (IR)-induced G(2)-M arrest in cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) overexpressing or celecoxib-treated cells, respectively, has been previously observed. To better understand the molecular mechanisms involved, we investigated the molecules involved in G(2) checkpoint pathways after treatment with IR +/-(More)
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