Shimrit Heller

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Ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) exerts a multiplicity of effects on a broad spectrum of target cells, including retinal neurons. To investigate how this functional complexity relates to the regulation of CNTF receptor alpha (CNTFR alpha) expression, we have studied the developmental expression of the receptor protein in chick retina by using(More)
Previous studies suggest that ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) may represent one of the extrinsic signals controlling the development of vertebrate retinal photoreceptors. In dissociated cultures from embryonic chick retina, exogenously applied CNTF has been shown to act on postmitotic rod precursor cells, resulting in an two- to fourfold increase in the(More)
Growth promoting activity (GPA) is a chick growth factor with low homology to mammalian ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) (47% sequence identity with rat CNTF) but displays similar biological effects on neuronal development. We have isolated a chick cDNA coding for GPA receptor (GPAR alpha), a GPI-anchored protein that is 70% identical to hCNTFR alpha.(More)
OBJECTIVE Poor descriptions of standard care may compromise interpretation of results in randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of health interventions. We investigated quality of standard care in RCTs of behaviour change interventions for young people with type 1 diabetes and consider implications for evaluating trial outcomes. DESIGN We conducted(More)
Six samples of beef and pork were analyzed by 4 laboratories, using the dye binding method. Dye binding protein was calculated by using a dye binding capacity of meat of 0.410 mg dye bound/g protein. Correlations of 0.976, 0.987, 0.996, and 0.995 were found between dye binding and Kjeldahl protein values. An analysis of covariance showed that the slopes of(More)
The intake of crude fiber in the American diet was assessed for 7 time periods between 1909 and 1975 using food consumption and composition tables. Crude fiber intake dropped 28% from 6.8 g/day in 1909 to 4.9 g/day in 1957 to 1959 and has remained at that level until the present. The intake of fiber from vegetables has remained relatively constant from 1909(More)
Thirtheen male patients with chronic renal failure undergoing regular dialysis treatment (2 X 8-10 hours/week) were treated with gonadotropins (HCG, Primogonyl) primarily 2 X 2,000 IU/week and later 2,000 IU/week. Before HCG administration and during 4-months HCG-therapy testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, Androstandiol, LH and FSH levels were determined by(More)