Shimpei Ozawa

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Attachment formation is the most pivotal factor for humans and animals in the growth and development of social relationships. However, the developmental processes of attachment formation mediated by sensory-motor, emotional, and cognitive integration remain obscure. Here we developed an animal model to understand the types of social interactions that lead(More)
A judicious choice of photoreactive group is critical in successful photoaffinity labeling studies of small molecule-protein interactions. A set of carbohydrate-based photoaffinity probes was prepared to compare the effects of three major photoreactive groups on the efficiency and selectivity of crosslinking a binding protein with low affinity. We showed(More)
PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: We have developed a dual photoaffinity labeling system in which an active and an inactive probe bearing orthogonal detection groups are co-reacted in a single photoreaction. The approach allowed selective fluorescent detection of a model binding protein in cell lysate by either 1D or 2D electrophoresis.
Photoaffinity labeling has been used as a promising approach to detection and isolation of carbohydrate-binding proteins, which are typically characterized by low binding affinity and selectivity. When there are several specific binding proteins, it is desirable that a photoaffinity probe is capable of simultaneously crosslinking them and that the(More)
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