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—Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) is a best-first search where the pseudorandom simulations guide the solution of problem. Recent improvements on MCTS have produced strong computer Go program , which has a large search space, and the success is a hot topic for selecting the best move. So far, most of reports about MCTS have been on two-player game, and MCTS(More)
Recently, various social issues, such as global warming problem, economical abrupt move, and diseases associated with adult lifestyle habits, are reported. Against them, the role of bicycle has been reviewed as one of effective solutions. In fact, many types of bicycles have been developed and have been widely used in our daily life. Though commercially(More)
—In recent years, a point of sales (POS) systems with a restaurant order function are developed. Since expensive apparatus and system for exclusive use are required for a point of sales system, the introduction is restricted to the large-scale chain store etc. In this research, we consider the point-of-sale management which cooperated with the automatic(More)
In the field of cycling competition, cyclists commonly utilize binding pedals to maximize their competitive performance. The feature of binding pedals is to hold the sole of cycling shoe on the upper body of pedal, which enables a cyclist to not only push down the pedals but also pull up the pedals in one revolution of pedaling motion. Pedaling motion is(More)
LMS (Learning Management System) based selfstudy with simple multiple-choice questions is available with no need to score by using its automatic scoring capability. However, this type of learning environment cannot help students who do not have enough learning management and self-study abilities. As a basis for constructing user adaptive learning(More)
This paper presents an automation system that seeks the best seat height of a road racer against rider's physical properties. Conventional positioning method is depending on the feelings of riding even professional cyclists because it is difficult to evaluate bicycle position considering the rider's physical properties. Then this paper firstly defined the(More)
This paper proposes an automation system for cyclists, which provides the optimum setting of bicycle components such as saddle and handle against the physical properties of a cyclist. In order to complete our purpose, the evaluation criteria for saddle setting by using bio-signals of a cyclist who pedals a bicycle have to be established firstly. We focus on(More)